Why Digitize the Yard?

The world is becoming increasingly digitized. There is no question about it – technology is changing the way we eat, the way we work, and the way we live.  There are so many examples of how technology has altered the user experience.  Examples include the way we “call for a cab, the way that we take vacations and the way that we order items online to be delivered to our doorstep.

In an increasingly globalized economy, most of us don’t think about what it takes to build the infrastructure around us like roads, bridges, a new office building or residential complex. The ongoing needs of new construction for this infrastructure in the United States require a host of resources.

One of the most critical and needed material is cement, and it is heavy and bulky. Construction companies will secure a local source for cement seeking the best price and most reliable delivery. This creates a competitive market for local cement producers. Each cement plant is competing for business and needs to ensure its Cycle Times (Trucks in/out of the yard) are as efficient as possible. When customers have a “good” end-user experience (fast and efficient loadouts) they will be more inclined to use that cement provider again, and may even pay more to ensure that their projects are finished on time.

Cement companies we work with have identified Cycle Time as a key measure of understanding how long the process takes to pick up and deliver needed materials. Traditionally, yard management has had little visibility into precisely how long each truck spent on-site and how that compared to the actual loadout times associated with each truck. Speed and efficiency are incredibly important, and without a data point that can be objectively referred to as a “single source of truth”, there was no way to know for sure what was impacting how long this process took.

Atollogy to the rescue! Technology is wonderful, however – initial implementations have been a difficult investment for cement plants due to a variety of reasons including – network access and security, integration to various systems, and a lack of available solutions.

There have been various attempts to measure Cycle Time, but none that was able to provide a “single source of truth” data to management.  Atollogy created the Connected Yard 4.0 solution that provides a “single source of truth” and it can be installed simply and easily. This provides effective data within days, with no disruption or additional requirements from busy I.T. and tech teams.

Atollogy is able to digitize the Cycle Time process in an industry where previously it’s been difficult to implement new technology. Utilizing Atollogy’s Connected Yard solution, businesses can improve Cycle Time by identifying bottlenecks in near real-time before they become issues while also improving the experience for customers and workers in the yard. Through the use of the Connected Yard solution, Atollogy improves cement and bulk materials companies’ bottom line by increasing overall efficiency and throughput. For the very first time, teams are armed with real-time images and data to educate their customers on how they are best delivering an excellent customer experience.

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Stephanie Nagy

Customer Success Manager at Atollogy