Manufacturing Operations Management

The Hard Facts

Research shows that top shops generate $247,000 greater sales per machine and $60,000 greater sales per employee. How do they do this? Believe it or not, the top reasons for their 5-6% higher machine utilization are NOT machine related—rather the result of a variety of worker related issues— like how they interact with the machines they’re operating. Most shops can’t automatically capture data around these interactions, therefore their operational analytics don’t tell a complete story or lead to any viable utilization improvements.

The Problem

It’s difficult to eliminate a problem when there’s a lag between the time a problem occurs and the time it takes to discover and fix the problem.

This becomes further complicated when when multiple problems occur in various locations creating an exponential factor of operational inefficiency. On top of that, the issues aren’t always noticeable to managers even though they happen right in front of their eyes.

The Solution

Clarify the obscurity by providing your entire operation with real time, digital feedback, that is gathered automatically and displayed simultaneously. This visual stream of data is actionable intelligence delivered to your operational team the moment it’s captured, allowing them to immediately identify and resolve any issue on the spot.

Actionable intelligence = increased productivity!

A (Much) Better Way

Atollogy was founded to give managers real time reporting on critical activities and events in their shops. With Atollogy, decision makers are fed actionable intelligence in real time, enabling them to take immediate action to correct an operational issue and get to back full production.


1 Instrument

Non-invasive sensors and Atollogy Outriggers are rapidly installed. No retrofit necessary and it’s adaptable to any vintage machine.

2 Analyze

Atollogy captures the data to our cloud, feeds the artificial intelligence pipeline, and translates your physical operations into analytical data.

3 Action

Atollogy delivers real time feedback of actionable intelligence to understand and act upon.


Atollogy’s Manufacturing gives you the full picture by measuring both machines for utilization and people for efficiency. True productivity can now be captured.

Atollogy can deliver:


Atollogy’s sensor devices can be installed in minutes, without the need for IT support or changes to existing processes. And there’s no machine downtime either. Based on a few simple questions, we’ll begin learning about your operations and concentrate on your known weaknesses. As soon as the first week, you’ll be seeing new operational insights.


Empower your team to make real-time, informed decisions that decrease cycle time and increase margins without retrofit, disruptions to yard operations, or the need for expensive new machinery or IT infrastructure. Atollogy’s Yard Operations Solution democratizes enterprise-level IIoT and AI technologies to deliver true, “always on” visibility into operations with rapid time-to-value.

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