Manufacturer’s Guide to Digital Twins

Imagine if you could deploy a computerized (digital) version of your best supervisor to watch and react to everything that happened on your manufacturing floor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. How could you not improve production?

Andy Johnson, who brings over 30 years of Industrial Engineering experience helping manufacturing companies optimize their operations, recently led an excellent webinar highlighting the value of Digital Twins. The session provided an overview of what digital twins are and how companies can leverage them to improve operational efficiency and performance. 

In the session, Andy describes how companies can utilize digital twins to measure and monitor all aspects of a manufacturing process and use the data collected to identify and address performance issues. In addition, Andy explains how the data captured by digital twins can be used to improve process adherence and safety by making sure that standard operating procedures are being followed.

Every manufacturing company measures output.  The question is, what is happening with each of the operational components that make up the overall process? Understanding each of these components allows for the identification of issues when they happen so that they can be addressed to increase output. Digital Twins provide the answer.

To learn more about digital twins and how they could improve operational efficiency, check out Andy’s “Manufacturer’s Guide to Digital Twins” webinar here!



John Muhlner

Vice President, Product and Marketing