Mayor Garcetti Embraces Atollogy's Solution


In the above photo, Atollogy founder and CEO Rob Schoenthaler demonstrates the use of Artificial intelligence and Computer Vision for Smart Manufacturing to Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti. The October 15th event was part of the mayor’s LA MADE 4.0 partnership between the City of Los Angeles, Goodwill Southern California, the UCLA-based Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute (CESMII), and the USC Viterbi School of Engineering that will prepare the city’s workforce for new technologies and provide middle-class career opportunities to Angelenos interested in manufacturing. Atollogy is a CESMII member, and playing a key role in the UC Irvine led Smart Connected Worker research project sponsored by CESMII.

“Los Angeles is a manufacturing capital — a place where dreamers from around the world come to build tomorrow’s innovations today,” said Mayor Garcetti. “Manufacturing jobs are the bedrock of our economy, and LA MADE 4.0 will give more Angelenos the tools and training they need to secure middle-class careers in smart manufacturing.” 

Smart manufacturing is about unlocking the potential of data to drive energy productivity and boost performance and precision,” said UCLA’s John Dyck, CEO of CESMII. “But none of that is possible if we don’t get workers ready to make the most of these new opportunities.”

“The Los Angeles Metro Area is home to over 11,000 manufacturers, most of which are family-owned and employ fewer than 60 workers,” said Patrick McClenahan, CEO of Goodwill Southern California. “These small firms don’t have the resources or time to adapt to ever evolving technologies on their own. Programs like this ensure that these manufacturers can continue to operate for generations.”1

“Atollogy is dedicated to strengthening American manufacturing by easing its transition to Smart Manufacturing technologies in which operations are digitized with a combination of automation, robotics, and computer vision,” said Atollogy CEO and Founder Rob Schoenthaler. Schoenthaler also noted that “of all the Smart Manufacturing technologies, computer vision has the major advantage of being the lowest cost and fastest solution to add value. Atollogy’s focus on A.I.-driven computer vision has demonstrated major benefits within weeks of installation in a variety of industries. Manufacturing and facility managers report throughput increases of 10-15% while improving safety and the customer experience.”

DigIE Kit

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti, Atollogy CEO Rob Schoenthaler, CESMII CEO John Dyck, Water Entertainment Technologies (WET) founder Mark Fuller, and WET COO Maria Villamil discuss how computer vision accelerates continuous improvement with Atollogy’s digital industrial engineer (DigIE).

Atollogy CEO Rob Schoenthaler and CESMII CEO John Dyck

Atollogy CEO Rob Schoenthaler and CESMII CEO John Dyck prepare to demonstrate Atollogy’s computer vision solution to hundreds of attendees from local manufacturing companies attending the mayor’s LA MADE 4.0 event.  An Atollogy Digital Industrial Engineer (DigIE) kit is highlighted in the background. These kits were installed in just a few hours in preparation for the event, and required no work from the WET team to enable.

The digital industrial engineer (DigIE) is Atollogy’s automation of the very labor-intensive efforts of industrial engineers and continuous improvement champions.  The clip board and stopwatch of the past are replaced by 24×7 digital monitoring and analytics that never blink or take breaks, and are completely objective. Sampling techniques of the past are replaced by 100% data capture and automated analytics.  Continuous improvement and industrial engineering teams will find an exciting future ahead of them as they spend time on analysis and improvement instead of painstaking data collection. 

Atollogy is proud to have been the only CESMII Application Technology provider invited to mayor Garcetti’s Smart Manufacturing event, and looks forward to championing the digitization of operations to bring manufacturing jobs back to America, increase the individual productivity of all American manufacturing workers, and make the manufacturing sector an exciting career path for a new generation.


Anthony Tarantino, PhD

Adjunct Professor, Santa Clara University – Operations, Finance, Lean Six Sigma

Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Certified Scrum Master, CPIM (APICS), CPM (ISM)

Senior Advisor to Atollogy,