Ground Operations Management

The Hard Facts

Atollogy leverages sensors, computer vision and artificial intelligence to improve gate turns efficiency and safety. Atollogy allows you to run your gate operations not only easier, but with more confidence.

The Problem

The current manual processes of tracking ground operations activities around the plane are slow, incomplete, and unreliable. Checklist-based systems are unable to precisely track all activities around the gate and human entry into any system is prone to error.

Frequently, managers cannot figure out which vehicle is in the tarmac and at what location without checking with multiple people using walkie talkies or other similar technologies. In fact, they don’t have accurate or up to date data captured automatically which requires them to run around the different gates to really understand the operational reality.

In summary, managers have resorted to management by wandering around (MBWA). Most spend their time fighting fires in situations such as flight delays and have zero time to identify opportunities for productivity improvement.

The Solution

Automate your entire ground operation with real time digital feedback, gathered automatically and displayed simultaneously.

This visual stream of data is actionable intelligence delivered to your operational team the moment it’s captured, allowing them to immediately identify and resolve any issue on the spot

Actionable intelligence = increased productivity!

A (Much) Better Way

Atollogy was founded to give everyone real-time reporting on critical activities and events in their tarmac. With Atollogy, decision makers are fed actionable intelligence in real time, enabling them to take immediate action to correct an operational issue and get back full productivity.


1 Instrument

Non-invasive sensors and Atollogy Outriggers are rapidly installed. No retrofit necessary and it’s adaptable to any vintage machine.

2 Analyze

Atollogy captures the data to our cloud, feeds the artificial intelligence pipeline, and translates your physical operations into analytical data.

3 Action

Atollogy delivers real time feedback of actionable intelligence to understand and act upon.


Atollogy’s Ground Operations Management gives you the full picture - by measuring both machines and equipment (utilization) & people (efficiency), true productivity is captured for the first time.

Atollogy can deliver:


Atollogy’s sensor devices can be installed in minutes without the need for IT support, changes to existing processes, or downtime. Based on a few simple questions, we’ll begin learning about your operations and concentrate on your known weaknesses. As soon as the first week, you’ll be seeing new operational insights


Empower your team to make real-time, informed decisions that decrease cycle time and increase margins without retrofit, disruptions to yard operations, or the need for expensive new machinery or IT infrastructure. Atollogy’s Yard Operations Solution democratizes enterprise-level IIoT and AI technologies to deliver true, “always on” visibility into operations with rapid time-to-value.

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