Bulk Materials


Atollogy leverages sensors, computer vision and artificial intelligence to improve operational efficiency, process adherence, and safety for the bulk materials industry. Our customers can save up to 17% in cycle time within the first 10 weeks of implementing our solutions.

Atollogy provides our clients in the bulk materials industry with:
  • Ability to truly understand the activities of trucks in the yard, regardless of truck ownership
  • Alert on safety hazards & breaches to comply with regulatory requirements
  • Facts to operators to make on the spot improvements to customer experience
  • Deep analytics to support objective sales positioning
  • Actionable insights on process/flow changes in facility

Atollogy is easy to install without the need to integrate into existing systems or infrastructures, but API is available to tie into other applications if desired. Atollogy allows you to automate your entire yard with digital feedback, enables you to immediately intervene and resolve issues on the spot, improving customer service level while maintaining top safety adherence.

Actionable intelligence delivered


Rapid implementation is placement of sensors and video camera to digitize your current workflow.


Raw data is instantly transferred to our cloud where we process with artificial intelligence and return to your team in real time.


The returned data is visible to entire team and easy to understand allowing on the spot corrections to be made.

The power of vision

Over the last few years the potential to apply computer vision to facilities and vehicle management has become feasible. Using artificial intelligence and real-time monitoring, the technology breakthrough can offer a wealth of insights for smarter operations.


by Anthony Tarantino PhD,Atollogy, USA



Empower your team to make real-time, informed decisions that decrease cycle time without retrofit and increase margins without disruptions to yard operations, all without expensive investments in new machinery or IT infrastructure. Atollogy’s Yard Operations Solution democratizes enterprise-level IIoT and AI technologies to deliver true, “always on” visibility into operations with rapid time-to-value.

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