Atollogy leverages sensors, computer vision and artificial intelligence to improve gate turns efficiency and safety. Atollogy allows you to run your gate operations not only easier, but with more confidence.

Atollogy provides our clients in the aviation industry with:
  • Ability to manage growing flight bottlenecks and improve processing times regardless of the operating model: dedicated, leased or mixed gate
  • Capability to handle flight diversion with ease when they happen without MBWA – "management by wandering around"
  • Actionable insights to service providers to accelerate catering, fueling and cargo handling
  • Projections to turn availability based on where an aircraft is currently in the turn process
  • Analytics on process/flow changes to improve turn times

Atollogy is easy to install without the need to integrate into existing systems or infrastructures, but API is available to tie into other applications if desired. Atollogy empowers your team to run smoother operations by arming you and your team with data and actionable insights to immediately intervene and resolve issues on the spot.

Actionable intelligence delivered


Rapid implementation is placement of sensors and video camera to digitize your current workflow.


Raw data is instantly transferred to our cloud where we process with artificial intelligence and return to your team in real time.


The returned data is visible to entire team and easy to understand allowing on the spot corrections to be made.


Empower your team to make real-time, informed decisions that decrease cycle time without retrofit and increase margins without disruptions to yard operations, all without expensive investments in new machinery or IT infrastructure. Atollogy’s Yard Operations Solution democratizes enterprise-level IIoT and AI technologies to deliver true, “always on” visibility into operations with rapid time-to-value.

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