Atollogy’s Computer Vision Greatly Simplifies the Use of Big Data For Companies Big and Small

The growth in the creation and use of big data is increasing exponentially. By one estimate, 90% of all the world’s data has been created in the last few years. So our future will be filled with more and more data, which means more problems making sense of all that data.  The major problems typically break out in two areas:

  • Collecting, storing, sharing, and securing data
  • Using data to gain new and meaningful insights

Gartner predicts that by 2022, about 40% of larger enterprises will combine big data and machine learning functionality to improve and partially replace traditional monitoring and tasks.  The power in big data comes in its ability to help solve the most complex problems.2 Fortunately, three technologies are converging to solve the big data conundrum: cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and sophisticated data analytics. This is creating the perfect storm for companies looking to harness the power of big data. But most companies don’t have the resources or the time to crunch the growing amounts of data they are creating. This can be true for even large organizations because typically their IT staff does not include data scientists.

Computer vision is one of the most exciting applications of artificial intelligence that is going to replace virtually all passive/dumb camera systems in the coming years. It is creating valuable new insights by continuously monitoring and analyzing how people interact with equipment, vehicles, and the items they are working on. But like other applications creating big data, computer vision works best when data science is used to evaluate and present the data in a user-friendly manner.

Atollogy’s answer to the opportunities and challenges around the use of big data is simple: Atollogy’s computer vision solution includes big data analytics customized to each of its clients’ requirements, whether they are large global operations or smaller organizations. Atollogy has hired the brightest computer scientist graduates coming out of the top Bay Area and Silicon Valley schools.  Using tools like Tableau, Power Bi, R, and Python, Atollogy’s data scientists work with individual customers to create dashboards, alerts and reports that best fit their work environments.  The goal is to provide valuable new insights without customers needing their own data scientists. For larger and more sophisticated customers with their own data scientists, Atollogy will provide data in formats that they can consume easily.  Of course, there are still many of us that still prefer to work in a version of Excel, and Atollogy can provide that as well.  Sometimes the simplest Excel charts are all that is needed to highlight major areas of improvement.

In other cases, there is a need for more advanced graphical presentations, especially when comparing multiple shifts, multiple operating facilities, and safety violations.


One computer vision camera taking a picture every second generates over 86,000 images every day or 31 million images every year. The scale of the data is truly massive. That one camera can capture major bottlenecks hurting efficiencies, identify safety and security violations and thus lower costs while creating a safer work environment. This is true for even the most basic operations like trucks operating in rock quarries to the most advanced electronic manufacturing. The key is to create a painless customer experience in gaining these new and valuable insights. Atollogy has worked for three years to combine the power of computer vision with big data analytics for its wide variety of clients. Atollogy’s data scientists will work closely with its clients to create valuable data analytics with little or no effort on their part. The results have been impressive with ROI’s generated in less than two months, and the elimination of major safety violations after a few weeks in operation.   




Anthony Tarantino, PhD

Adjunct Professor, Santa Clara University

Senior Advisor to Atollogy