Atollogy Proudly Supports The Smart Manufacturing Institute’s Mission With Opening Of Northern California Innovation Center

This coming Tuesday, February 11th, Atollogy will hold our first Open House at our Santa Clara, CA, headquarters, where we are hosting the Northern California Smart Manufacturing Innovation Center on behalf of CESMII, The Smart Manufacturing Institute.

Atollogy was a very early member of the Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute (CESMII), actually even joining when it was still the Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition (SMLC).  CESMII a $140 million public-private partnership funded by the US Department of Energy, focused on advancing smart manufacturing in the US.  Their goal is to transform US Manufacturing by dramatically reducing the cost & complexity of using real time data from operations to drive revenue & cost Improvements and generate cash.  Members include:

  1. Corporate partners who bring real world manufacturing challenges to the table
  2. Academic Institutions bring deep research capabilities, and UCLA is serving as the prime for the $140M grant from the DOE. 
  3. Solution providers who bring software, hardware and skills – Atollogy fits in this category with our Computer Vision based Smart Operations                             platform.

What I like about CESMII’s approach, is the mission to make Smart Manufacturing capabilities available not just to large corporations, but medium and small business as well. Of the more than 250,000 U.S. companies in the manufacturing sector, less than 4,000 have more than 500 employees, and threequarters have fewer than 20 employees.  Like CESMII, Atollogy has focused on building simple to use AI based technology that only needs standard power form our customers to help analyze and improve operations – Atollogy does everything else with AI.  This has enabled us to work with small, local Bay Area manufacturers as well as some of the largest and most sophisticated on the planet.

Our relationship has grown significantly since joining CESMII’s Western Region, led by Dale Turner.  We participated in the first round of RFPs for Smart Manufacturing research, and received a sub-award under UC Irvine’s leadership for the Smart Connected Worker program, G.P. Li, CALIT2 Irvine director and the project’s PI said:  “A smart, connected worker will become the ultimate manufacturing asset. Empowering skilled workers to have greater autonomy and decision-making responsibilities will result in not only a more satisfied, masterful workforce, but also factories that are more energy-efficient, productive and safer.”  We are completing early milestones now in this important program.

This past fall, we had the opportunity to participate in LA Mayor Eric Garcetti’s LA Made 4.0 launch along with CESMII CEO John Dyck, where we got to install and demonstrate Atollogy’s Digital Industrial Engineer at a local LA Manufacturer during the event.  

In the next phase of our relationship, Atollogy is proud to have been selected as the only non-Academic institution in the country to serve as a Smart Manufacturing Innovation Center (SMIC).  Our Demo center showcases the most current technology platform from CESMII, key partners, and of course Atollogy’s own solutions.  The real-time interactive nature of the center help bring Smart Manufacturing to life for real manufacturers, and we look forward to leveraging this center to educate the local manufacturing community, and drive adoption of Smart Manufacturing into the Bay Area and beyond to help stay competitive in the global marketplace.


 Rob Schoenthaler

Founder & CEO, Atollogy, Inc.