Atollogy Safe Cage 2.0

At Atollogy, we are constantly working to improve our solutions and we work closely with customers to find new ways to help their operations run smoothly, efficiently, and safely. This is exactly what we have done with our Safe Cage solution. We are very excited to roll out Safe Cage 2.0, which features significant enhancements including PPE and cage violation detection and real-time alerting.

Facilities that use safe cage systems frequently experience safety and process issues, which often go undetected. Typical issues include operators not wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) and unsafe usage of the safety equipment. By implementing Atollogy’s Safe Cage solution, facility managers can capture unsafe activity on these cage systems, enabling them to identify the frequency of violations and address systematic problems and repeat offenders to enhance safety and to increase operational efficiency.

Automated PPE Detection

Among several advancements in this update is automated PPE detection. Safe Cage 2.0 detects whether or not an operator is wearing a hard hat or a safety garment (e.g., brightly colored vest). A PPE violation will be generated if one or both of these criteria is not being met when an operator is using the safety cage.

PPE violation detection: The operator is not wearing a safety garment

Cage Violation Detection

Safe Cage 2.0 can also detect whether the safety cage is being used in an unsafe way. When an operator raises the cage while standing on their vehicle, they significantly increase the likelihood of an accident.  Our solution allows safety managers to define how high a safe cage can be lifted while it is in use before it is considered a violation.

Cage violation detection: The cage is not positioned properly while the operator is using it.

Real-Time Alerting

Most safety and facility managers don’t just want historical violation data, they want immediate notification when violations happen so that they can quickly take action. Safe Cage 2.0 meets this need by enabling facility and safety managers to receive real-time alerts for PPE and cage violation events. These alerts, delivered within minutes of the event, provide the necessary information including the date, time, location, an image of violation, and the associated license plate so that immediate action can be taken.

Safe Cage 2.0 provides real-time and historical data that empowers plant management to improve safety at their site.  Leveraging real-time alerts, immediate action can be taken to prevent possible accidents from happening in the present while trend data can be utilized to track and monitor the frequency of violations to help support ongoing safety initiatives. To learn more about Safe Cage 2.0 and our many other solutions, email us at



John Muhlner

Vice President, Product and Marketing