Atollogy is featured in December Issue of International Cement Review (ICR)

Last month International Cement Review (ICR) highlighted how Atollogy’s IoT solution has been proven to help companies enhance operational efficiency, customer experience, and safety.  The article titled “Optimizing Yard Operations” very effectively describes how 3 bulk material companies have used the solution to great benefit.

The first example shows how a cement company with a site in the Southwestern part of the US was experiencing delays getting trucks through their facility and was able to use the Atollogy solution to gain operational insights.  By analyzing the overall cycle times, load times, and time spent opening and closing lids at Safe Racks, a bottleneck was identified. The team was able to make some modifications to eliminate the bottleneck and the result was an eight-minute reduction in the average cycle time.  This change now enables two additional trucks to be filled each hour, thereby increasing their loading efficiency by 25%.  In addition, customer satisfaction improved because trucks spent less time waiting, thereby reducing their customers’ overall costs.

The second example describes how another company in the Southeastern part of the US is using Atollogy’s Industrial Vision platform to identify safety violations associated with the unloading of raw materials.  In this case, the solution detects when a driver is outside of their vehicle while they are unloading and then sends an alert to the site manager.  The data provided allows the company to take corrective actions to increase yard safety and reduce the incidence of injuries

The last example illustrates how another company in California used the Atollogy solution to address safety compliance.  When drivers use safe cage systems to open and close lids on their trucks, they are required to wear personal protective equipment (PPE); unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen.  Using the Atollogy solution, the facility manager receives compliance reports that identify the frequency of these issues and enable them to address repeat offenders as well as any systematic problems.

In addition to identifying safety issues, the Atollogy solution also captures images and video when safe cage systems are damaged due to trucks pulling away when the cage has not been fully retracted.  The visual proof of the event and the corresponding license plate of the truck that caused the damage enables the cement company to be reimbursed, thereby saving the company a significant amount of money. As highlighted in the article, Atollogy’s IoT platform captures and digitizes data associated with yard operations, which in turn provides yard managers with the necessary information to make data-driven decisions that lead to increased operational efficiency, improved safety, and an enhanced customer experience, all of which result in increased revenue and reduced costs.



John Muhlner

Vice President of Product and Operations at Atollogy