Atollogy Awarded CESMII Research Grant for Smart Manufacturing Innovations

In August, CESMII (Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute) announced that Atollogy was selected for one of five Smart Manufacturing Innovation projects receiving research grants to identify ways to use smart manufacturing technologies to improve productivity, performance, and energy efficiency. For this project, Atollogy partnered with South Bay Solutions and North Carolina State University to create a smart-manufacturing profile to increase operational and energy efficiency for Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines. This profile will be one of several that will be created by other projects that will become a collection of smart manufacturing profiles – “a library of reusable information, including models of manufacturing processes and related equipment.”  This set of profiles will then be made available to all manufacturing companies to help the industry improve operational efficiency.

The goal of the project awarded to Atollogy, South Bay Solutions (SBS), and North Carolina State University (NCSU) is to establish a generic CNC Process Profile that will be used on the CESMII smart-manufacturing platform.  Each organization on the team will uniquely contribute to this project.  SBS, a machining manufacturer in Fremont, CA, that represents the typical manufacturer for which we want these profiles to be helpful, will provide the team with an actual factory environment with CNC mills.  Atollogy will use computer vision and AI to collect and analyze data on operations and NCSU will collect and analyze machine data by installing sensors directly on machines and capturing power consumption, spindle speed, and more. The data collected and analyzed by Atollogy and NCSU will be used to create the smart manufacturing profile for CNC machines and SBS will be able to give valuable feedback and help validate what data will be helpful and should be included in the profile.

Historically, manufacturing companies that are able to use smart manufacturing to improve operational efficiency are larger and have the resources and tools to support smart manufacturing projects, while smaller manufacturing companies do not. The library of profiles being made available through these 5 innovation projects will enable small manufactures to leverage smart manufacturing data analysis when they otherwise may not have the technical skills or resources to do so. By helping make smart manufacturing technology available to everyone, Atollogy can help manufactures improve profitability by making their operations more productive. In addition, Smart manufacturing profiles will also improve energy efficiency for manufacturers as product efficiency inherently leads to energy efficiency because less time and resources are spent making the product. By using smart manufacturing to improve overall productivity, manufacturers can become more profitable because more products are made in less time, using less energy, and less waste is produced.

Atollogy is very proud and honored to have been selected for this project and believe that it is a testament to the technology we have created. We look forward to continuing to work with CESMII to make smart manufacturing available to all.



Mackenzie Gibson