A Tale of Two COVID Incidents

In these uncertain times, how do you ensure a safe environment for your valued employees while also maintaining productivity? Atollogy’s Social Distancing solution can help by allowing companies to identify when two or more workers are within the distancing guidelines, which helps keep workers safe and manufacturing facilities running.

One of Atollogy’s customers recently had an incident of COVID-19 that demonstrated the tremendous value of Atollogy’s systems. During this incident, a truck driver, who unknowingly had COVID-19, entered their facility. Using Atollogy’s Social Distancing in the workplace solution, this customer was able to identify and track where the driver went inside the warehouse resulting in only needing to clean and sanitize selective areas rather than having to shut down the entire facility.

This same customer previously had an incident of COVID-19 before implementing Atollogy’s solution, and the entire facility had to be closed for several days so that it could be cleaned and sanitized. Between the expense for cleaning and the loss of productivity, this incident was very costly.

The savings that this customer realized from just this one recent COVID-19 incident where the Atollogy solution was able to quickly identify impacted locations and individuals, more than paid for the implementation. Furthermore, the solution was also used to determine if any workers might have been exposed so that they could be informed, thereby helping the company keep their employees healthy and safe.


Mackenzie Gibson