Atollogy provides simple tools that point out your operational bottlenecks in real time

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Why Smart Manufacturing?

Smart Manufacturing requires the following physical elements to work in harmony

How It Works

Atollogy gives you the power to see through walls and inside processes, saving you time from MBWA

Composite Analytics Drive Maximum Benefits

How We Differ


"Atollogy provided our team with the truth to back up anecdotal, incomplete information. This enabled us to identify key process changes, boosting productivity and team morale. "

Mike Blanchette,

Vice President Operations

"Within weeks of installation in our precision machining operations, Atollogy has shown us valuable insights for productivity improvements. "

Steve Wolf,

General Manager

"We see the opportunity to leverage Atollogy to demonstrate to our key customers and regulators an exciting new technology to maintain consistently high quality and reliability. "

Jim Kingman,




Our mission is to make operational excellence easy and accessible for manufacturers of all shapes and sizes. Atollogy’s proprietary algorithms and capabilities are revolutionizing how companies manage operations by integrating the physical world with artificial intelligence. Our team of Atollogists has more than 100 years of combined manufacturing industry experience with diverse and unique backgrounds.

If you are passionate about building IIoT-based big data solutions for enterprises and are looking to get in on the ground floor of a fast-growing startup, then look no further than Atollogy!




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