Deployed in Hours. Benefits in Days. Without Operational Disruptions.

Harness Artificial Intelligence

Atollogy helps you competitively thrive in today's smart operations era by leveraging the technologies of the Internet of Things (IoT), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve operational efficiency, safety and speed.

Easily installed monitoring devices capture the interactions of your product, people, and equipment. With this information, your team can see issues as they occur and fix problems before they impact productivity. Identify opportunities to increase speed, improve efficiency and increase profits.

Smart Operations requires these physical elements to work in harmony:

Atollogy leverages machine and visual learning technologies to convert data into actionable intelligence to save you time and money.

Atollogy leverages machine and visual learning technologies to convert data into actionable intelligence to save you time and money.

How It Works


Non-invasive sensors and Atollogy Outriggers are rapidly installed. No retrofit necessary and it’s adaptable to any vintage machines.


Atollogy captures the data to our cloud, feeds the artificial intelligence pipeline, and translates your physical operations into analytical data.


Atollogy delivers real time feedback of actionable intelligence to understand and act upon. Atollogy gives you the power to see through walls and inside processes, saving you time and money.

Actionable Intelligence

Actionable intelligence is machine-derived information you can actually understand and find valuable. This intelligence was either non-existent or insanely costly due to all the various moving parts in typical operational environments. Atollogy enables your team to deal with issues on-the-spot in real time and avoid management by wandering around (MBWA). Many users report discovering insights and seeing benefits within the first week of operating with Atollogy.

Unique Benefits

Operations Friendly

  • Zero downtime and no production interruption during install
  • Zero retrofit, works with any model of any vintage equipment

Fast and Easy

  • Rapid deployment in hours and see data results in 10 days
  • Empower entire operational team to view feedback and take action anywhere and anytime

Accelerated Results

  • Use AI and IoT technologies to see new ways to expedite interactions between your machines, people and materials
  • Data output is actionable intelligence that tells you where the problem is for your team’s action
  • Convert your operational culture to being proactive, not reactive

"Atollogy provided our team with the truth to back up anecdotal, incomplete information. This enabled us to identify key process changes, boosting productivity and team morale. "

Mike Blanchette,

Vice President Operations

"Within weeks of installation in our precision machining operations, Atollogy has shown us valuable insights for productivity improvements. "

Steve Wolf,

General Manager

"We see the opportunity to leverage Atollogy to demonstrate to our key customers and regulators an exciting new technology to maintain consistently high quality and reliability. "

Jim Kingman,


"Atollgy’s Unique approach to addressing today’s manufacturing challenges with their Smart Operations/IoT solution, allows companies to continuously collect and analyze data via next gen computer vision and AI. At last there is an unobtrusive way to gain insights from operations without the need of IT or long project team involvement. Atollogy has delivered a solution for total transparency and accountability between all elements on the manufacturing plant floor "

Dale Turner,

Director, Western RMC, CESMII FP



The Atollogy dream would not have come true without a full ecosystem of partners. Below are a subset of our partners who are helping to make the Atollogy solutions a reality. To join the Atollogy partner ecosystem, please fill out the contact form below.


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